Can I buy Ivermectin over the counter | Stromectol cost and more

According to statistics, most people have tried to order Ivermectin online at least once, and this is starting to become a habit. The only question is the level of service and quality of goods, so we present you with online stores offering Stromectol for sale with the highest ratings among users.

Baylor Scott & White Pharmacy (Rating: 5.0) [4945 Williams Dr, Georgetown, TX 78633, United States | (512) 942-3302 |]

I looooove these guys. They really care here. Very personable. Reliable. And when I was too sick to pick up my meds, he begged and pleaded with me NOT to go without them but to have them delivered to my home…. I really can’t say enough about this loving family. Even when I think all is wrong, He comes through in the clutch… I will NEVER frequent another pharmacy. Seriously, they’re THAT awesome.

Well, I’m a nomad, so being able to get my meds on the road is usually fairly painless by transferring it from pharmacy to pharmacy. Well, this pharmacy is just incompetent. They didn’t fill all my prescriptions. They didn’t bill my insurance. They gave a local doctor I saw such a hard time he insisted I get it filled elsewhere. I wish I had just had everything transferred to Baylor Scott & White Pharmacy. They had everything I needed finished it 10 minutes. Even though I hadn’t used Walgreens in 4 years, they have kept my information and insurance updated in their system.

H-E-B Pharmacy (Rating: 3.5) [1100 S IH 35 Frontage Rd, Georgetown, TX 78626, United States | (512) 869-4287 |]

This is a LIFE-SAVING pharmacy, no joke! I had some pretty bad wounds I’d done to myself and was sent home from the E.R. with a scheduled appointment to deal with the issues like FIVE DAYS later with no real support, but could call up this pharmacy, order Kerlix by the roll and stockinet by the yard to last me until I got a legit prescription for these things, and they delivered them SAME DAY to my front door, AMAZING! I couldn’t even answer the door since I was on dialysis at the time, and they left it there for me. I could have cried when I came out to get the stuff! I don’t know how people have survived without this pharmacy up to now, no idea. And everyone I’ve talked to is friendly and helpful! You guys rock, and I’m pretty sure I’ll move all my local pharmacy stuff over to using yours due to your so sweet same-day delivery. Thank you SO MUCH!

Being a diabetic my whole life, I’ve had a few different pharmacies, and I can say that H-E-B Pharmacy is the only one in Weatherford that cares about the patients. They have always gone out of their way to make sure I have the medicine I need, even in times that I made a mistake! This pharmacy puts effort and time into knowing their customer’s needs and will always do what they can to help.

Randalls Pharmacy (Rating: 3.2) [5721 Williams Dr, Georgetown, TX 78633, United States | (512) 942-6400 |]

Rudest & intentionally slowest-moving pharmacy clerk I’ve ever encountered… clearly took pleasure in being discourteous & expressionless. I highly doubt this review will come as a shock to her supervisor or whoever is in charge of the customer service experience. I stood back & watched other interactions as I waited for my R.X. Every customer left exasperated and a little bewildered. I won’t be back here despite living within walking distance.

I just wanted to publicly express my gratitude to Randalls Pharmacy for running a well-organized coronavirus vaccine clinic today for medical professionals. Scheduling an appointment was easy to do, and their on-ground procedures were carried out flawlessly and adhered to all social distancing protocols. Your staff is true heroes. Thank you for working with our community to turn the tides on this pandemic!

Ochna Health Pharmacy (Rating: 4.2) [1821 Westinghouse Rd Ste 1190, Georgetown, TX 78626, United States | (512) 348-6615 |]

This pharmacy is the best!! Their customer service is BEYOND what you will ever find at any chain pharmacy. I have been coming here for years and will choose them over CVS or Duane Reade, both of which are closer to me, any day. They also ALWAYS have a full stock of so many OTC items, from cold meds to cough drops and from hair spray to lotions! And they have every ESSIE nail color you could ever need!

Pharmacy is extremely unorganized. Longline at the pickup counter. It took forever to locate my phoned-in prescription and, in the end, gave me the wrong pill counts, so I had to go back again. Never have I EVER experience this. Updated review. Make this “3 strikes you’re out”. I went to this Ochna Health Pharmacy two more times after my initial review. Managed to give me the wrong pill counts both times AGAIN. Go at your own risk. If you do, double-check.