The popularity of online shopping is still growing. Online pharmacies are also showing constant growth because of low Modafinil prices and easy-to-use services. The list of pharmacies below has the highest rating among users.

Liberty Pharmacy (Rating: 4.6) [2411 Williams Dr #3, Georgetown, TX 78628 Buy generic Viagra online, prescribed & delivered in Georgetown, TX, United States | (512) 820-0101 |]

I have worked here at this location for a few months now, and I can tell you that Customer Service to us is everything. If you ask us for help, you will get it at a speedy pace and without hesitation. Our prices are fair, and we have great deals on new items every week! We all do our best to provide excellent and quality service to everyone, and if you want ice cream, then you’ll get only the best!

They’re either barely friendly enough to where they make you feel comfortable, or they’re giving you an attitude for making them walk from the back to the front to help you. Rarely do they have medicine in stock & if they don’t, they’ll tell you to call another pharmacy and have them call to transfer the prescription. If they don’t receive a call from a pharmacy, they’ll assume you no longer need it & won’t order any unless you specifically tell them you’ll wait 2 days for the prescription to come in. Communication is poor & their customer service skills are clearly not a priority. I would not recommend this pharmacy. I came from a local Liberty Pharmacy. I never had a single issue & was always treated like a person – not just someone who is an inconvenience. The only reason they’re getting 1 star is that they’re open until 8.

Gus’s Drug (Rating: 4.7) [702 E University Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626, United States | (512) 863-2506 |]

I have been using Gus’s Drug for 5+ years. The staff is experienced and knowledgeable. Always there to help you. I have tried many other pharmacies. But, I have found my hometown to be the best. They never try to rush you. They are friendly, courteous, and available. This is the only pharmacy that when you call, the pharmacy actually picks up, and the pharmacist is always available to answer your questions. When you call other pharmacies, you’re put in a queue, have to answer numerous questions, and then put on hold forever. It’s such a pleasure to call this pharmacy, and someone from the pharmacy picks up right away. They even saved my life once by alerting one of my doctors about a black box warning and me if two medications are taken at the same time (may cause death). I highly recommend Gus’s Drug Pharmacy.

The most amazing, genuine, kind-hearted people work at this pharmacy. They remember my mom, and the very nice gentleman behind the counter asks how she is doing every time I go, and even when I call in for a refill/questions. So sweet! Sometimes I literally get teary by their kind gestures and acts. I just wanted to let yall know that fill your prescriptions here if you want both professionalism and kindness.

Walgreens Pharmacy (Rating: 4.0) [1220 W University Ave, Georgetown, TX 78628, United States | (512) 863-4671 |]

I won’t advise coming to this Walgreens Pharmacy. First of all, the staff is rude, I went there to pick up medications, and they never advise me to get a coupon or give a lower price for prescribed medications; I don’t have insurance, and they always try to charge me a huge amount of money. Stuff is unprofessional. I found a better pharmacy, everything is cheaper than in this, and staff is always ready to help you. Save your money. Go to any other pharmacy!

The Pharmacy Team treats me like I’m the only person in the world that matters. They had spent time after time dealing with Insurance issues, contacting my M.D.’s office to get the proper authorizations (when my M.D.’s office forgot to do their job), and they are as nice a staff as I’ve ever dealt with at any Pharmacy… ever. I highly recommend them if you want caring, compassionate and professional pharmacy services.

CVS Pharmacy (Rating: 4.0) [1102 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626, United States | (512) 863-2581 |]

I can’t speak for the whole of the store and its customer service, but I can say Cedric is EXCEPTIONAL! Every time I am in there, he’s running all over the place and helping every customer with any and every need they need. He has been super helpful when I needed help with the photo printing department and when I was searching for OTCs. He always has a smile on his face, and I appreciate his service!!

Pulled up (8:40 pm), the pharmacist looks at the window 4 times, then looks at the tech and says something to her about getting the window. Then around 8:46 she comes to the window. They didn’t have the prescription ready after they said it would be ready at 1230pm. The day before, they were out of the medicine which I waited 30 minutes at the window in line then just to find that out. This CVS Pharmacy is ridiculous. Lines are always 4 cars long.